Dr. Kenneth Klonsky
Oral Surgery/Implants/Periodontist


I originally started periodontal treatment with another doctor. I would leave this doctor’s office in blinding pain after every visit, including standard cleanings. A friend recommended Dr. Klonsky and I found out that periodontal dentistry does not have to be a constant painful experience. I have had extensive work done by Dr. Klonsky including extractions, surgery, and implants and the pain has been minimal and manageable. Dr. Klonsky is excellent at following up. Always calling in the evening after a procedure and is available should a problem arise, even calling me back on his day off while in the middle of his golf game. His staff is professional. I no longer have frequent tooth infections or other related problems with my teeth. I think so much of Dr. Klonsky that I recommended my wife use him as her periodontist.

P.K - New York City

A patient of Dr. Klonsky for “about 20 years” explains her experience. Dr. Klonsky’s positive characteristics include his “professional skill, integrity, and compassion.” “I think that my dental health has remained relatively stable for the last 20 years due to his care and vigilance

L.S. - New York City

“Dr. Klonsky has been my periodontist for more than a decade. He’s extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and cares deeply about his patients. He’s made a difference to my dental health. I would strongly recommend him.”

J.T - Greenwich, Ct

I have been a patient of Dr. Klonsky for over 19 years. I feel Dr. Klonsky is “meticulous, creative in problem-solving, and caring”. He is aware of “how what he does will affect the patient.” “Where to begin?! He saved one tooth for about 10 years by putting a tunnel in it. An implant put in 20+ years ago (not by Dr. Klonsky) broke. Since it was sitting right on top of a nerve, and therefore taking out the piece below the gum would be risky, he buried it!

J.S. – New York City

“I have been a patient of Dr Klonsky for over ten years now. I have used Dr Klonsky and his staff for both surgical procedures as well as routine maintenance. I find the doctor very knowledgeable and communicates well the work he is performing on me and what my expectations should be. He is very sensitive to my experience as a patient including comfort level and pain management. His hands are very steady and I have always been very satisfied with any work performed on me. Perhaps most important of all he has always followed up with me, on the day of the procedure as well as between visits. He shows a genuine concern for how I am feeling and also makes sure I am not reluctant to share any post surgical experiences I am having. His concern is greatly appreciated. He is straight forward and I believe his guidance and advice regarding the health of my teeth has been a great addition to my health care team.”

S. S. - Englewood, New Jersey

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