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Welcome to our practice.  We understand the importance of a beautiful smile and we want to make sure that you have a beautiful, comfortable smile for the rest of your life.  We are dedicated to providing comfortable and comprehensive dental care using state of the art technology to assist us.  We strive to provide the highest level of customer care so that your experience with us exceeds your expectations.

The health of your mouth is critical to a healthy body and feeling good about your appearance.  Periodontics is the specialty that focuses on ensuring that the mouth is free of infection and replacing teeth that have been lost due to accident or prior infection with state of the art implants.

We have the skills, resources and knowledge to help you achieve a clean, healthy, comfortable and attractive smile.

To provide each patient with a selection of the highest quality (comfortable, functional, attractive) and appropriately-priced dental implant and periodontal services along with optimal customer service that supports positive relationships.  To treat our stakeholders in a manner that demonstrates recognition for their individual and team efforts and displays support for their values and the things that are important to them and influences them to treat us in the same manner.

Services Include: (Explanation/Detail of Services)

  • Supportive Periodontal Therapy – periodic maintenance cleaning
  • Scaling and Root Planning – “deep” cleaning under local anesthetic to treat early to moderate periodontal infection
  • Osseous Surgery – to correct more advance periodontal infection
  • Bone Grating – to repair periodontal bone defects
  • Dental Implants – to replace missing teeth
  • Extractions/ Socket Grafting – in preparation for implant placement
  • Ridge Augmentation - for implants & cosmetic purposes
  • Sinus Grafting – for implant placement
  • Cosmetic Surgery - to correct length discrepancies, gummy smiles and altered eruption
  • Gingival (Soft Tissue) Grafting - to correct recession and root sensitivity

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